Pixelplot of traffic data Data visualization of speed and flow of traffic

3D-printed cyber attack Data physicalization of cyber security data

Government budget Datavis for Ministry of Financebudget-banner

Conway’s Clock Artistic digital clockconways-clock-banner

Cruz could have been in the lead Analysis of Republican voting systems

3D Subway map 3d print of Berlin’s S and U-Bahn
Zipscribble Connecting all buildings in The Netherlands
Deadliest Dinner Find out where to eat to get sick
Slitscan experiments Playing with slitscan photography techniques
Climate crush Compare the weather in Cairo with that in Singapore
Spain – Holland Tweets during Worldcup soccer match
Twelve years of rain Visualization of rain data
Paper pixels An interactive projection about love
Fishualization Fish that reflect co-workers’ activity (@TNO)
Pixel-based visualizations Space-efficient visualizations of sensor data (@TNO)
Your daily weather Flowers that reflect the weather
Fluid Guide Data-driven, carpet-controlled visualization of TV programs
Movies & Magnets Use virtual magnets to attract films of your choosing
Retweet Ripples Visualizations of Twitter data (@TNO)
Human Tracks A carpet that highlights your footsteps Eurocrisis: the outliers Data visualization showing countries in trouble Braille for the non-blind An installation that reveals the meaning of braille Eatalian A former theater turned into an Italian restaurant Glow in the dark An interactive night stand Generative design An ice-cream parlour designed by chance