Fishualization (2013) Fish that reflect co-workers’ activity (@TNO) Pixel-based visualizations (2013) Space-efficient visualizations of sensor data (@TNO) Your daily weather (2013) Flowers that reflect the weather Fluid Guide (2012) Data-driven, carpet-controlled visualization of TV programs Movies & Magnets (2012) Use virtual magnets to attract films of your choosing Retweet Ripples (2012) Visualizations of Twitter data (@TNO) Human Tracks (2011) A carpet that highlights your footsteps Eurocrisis: the outliers (2011) Data visualization showing countries in trouble Braille for the non-blind (2010) An installation that reveals the meaning of braille Eatalian (2009) A former theater turned into an Italian restaurant Glow in the dark (2009) An interactive night stand Generative design (2008) An ice-cream parlour designed by chance