Your daily weather

Flowers on poster


This is a data visualization of ¬†one year worth of weather data. It is meant to be ‘data driven art’ rather than a data visualization that is suitable to read trends and outliers.

Each flower represents one day. The shape and color of each flower depict the weather conditions on that day:

  • The number of leafs vary with the amount of rain. Many leafs indicate a wet day, a few leafs indicate a dry day
  • The pointedness of the leafs represent the amount of wind. When there was hardly any wind, the leafs are round, in case of strong winds the leafs are pointy.
  • The size of the dot represents the amount of sunshine. The project is implemented with Processing and uses an open data set from the Dutch Weather Institute.
  • The color of the dot represents the temperature, ranging from blue (below zero) via yellow to red (hot)